Tirfor Winch Hire

Tirfor Winch Hire

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Manually Operated Tirfor WinchesSafety & Transport IconsAngle Lifting – Use at any angle for lifting, pulling or dragging. Anchor to a secure point able to take load force applied. Allow for contact friction if dragging. Hook Safety – Ensure safety catches are engaged and load chains/cables are untangled and hang freely. Protective Gloves – Gauntlets, PVC, cotton or rigger gloves for hand protection. Safety Footwear – To BS EN 345 for toe protection. Safety Helmets – Protect against falling objects. Compulsory on site. Bump caps protect from overhead obstacles. Sling Lifting – Do not use “load” cable/chain as sling. Prevent hook overcrowding, with a “bow” shackle. Join lifting equipment with a “D” shackle. Protect sharp edges to prevent load damage. Stable Load – Ensure load is balanced & personnel stand clear. Attach “tag” lines to control rotation. Never leave equipment unattended. Ensure unobstructed landing site accepts equipment plus load in size & weight. Jump to price list Jump to specification Product DescriptionThis range of manual winches offers the versatility needed to tackle the variety of jobs encountered in forestry, agriculture, civil engineering and steel erection. Whether you are needing to lift the load or pull it into position, here’s a winch that is up to the task.
Simple and controllable lever operation
Can be used for both lifting and pulling

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Tool | Tirfor Winch Hire
Safety Equipment | Gloves / Goggles
Instructions | Full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine

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