Stump Grinder Petrol Hire

Stump Grinder Petrol Hire

Code: GL - STU

Model: SG30


Hire a Stump Grinder today and take out the back breaking strain in removing those stubborn tree stumps

The Camon SG30 Stump Grinder from Edwards Plant and Tool Hire eats away at tree stumps by spinning a disc filled with 8 carbide teeth, which the operator moves across the face of a stump and grinding it away in ever lower passes. The SG30 is designed with a large handlebar for comfort, and its large pneumatic wheels provide stability during operation or transportation. A heavy duty handbrake is incorporated which locks a wheel when operating and allows the user to pivot the cutting disc across the face of the stump. The main chassis body is made from 6mm mild steel and is reinforced for additional strength. A large cavity beneath the body allows the build up of sawdust away from the wheels and rubber curtains prevent debris from being expelled from the grinding area.

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Tool | Stump Grinder Petrol Hire
Safety Equipment | Ear defenders / Goggles / Gloves
Instructions | Full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine

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