Rubbish Chute C/W Hopper & Bracket Hire

Rubbish Chute C/W Hopper & Bracket Hire

Code: A5568


This item is the main component of all assemblies. Each unit is 1m effective working length and comes complete with two fixing / support chains.
Designed to fit inside the standard plastic modules and act as a wear sleeve. Steel liners are recommended as additional protection on any installation where the materials being disposed of are particularly abrasive or sharp or at any point where the chute bends or kicks out and may create an impact point, for example where a chute comes away from the building to meet a skip.
Only one top hopper is required for each installation and the purpose of this unit is to provide an improved aperture at the point where debris is being placed into the chute to avoid any unnecessary spillage.

Additional information

Tool | Rubbish Chute C/W Hopper & Bracket Hire
Safety Equipment | Gloves / Goggles / Hard hat
Instructions | Full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine

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