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infra red heater

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Tool Infra red heater 3kw
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Description Rhino TQ3 Infrared Heater 2800W
The Highly efficient twin 1400w infra‐red elements and chemically polished reflectors make the TQ3 a formidable tool for combating the elements.
Using high frequency heat waves that penetrate the air without heating it, the TQ3 warms objects and people rather than the atmosphere. This results in lower running costs because Heat is not lost through drafts or pre‐heating.
The TQ3 is a heavy duty composite cabinet heater constructed from a high‐grade and heat resistant material, so it withstands up to the rigors of site use with ease.
Features protection grill and two heavy-duty composite wheels.
Controllable power output with rocker switches on the rear of unit.
Suitable for a wide variety of heating requirements including restorative applications, ideal for temporary heating and for drying paintwork, plaster etc
Instant heat at the flick of a switch
Heats objects not atmosphere
Safety Equipment
Instructions full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine